Sleepy Hollow: Clips and a Sneak Peek for Monday's Season 2 Finale



Can you believe it? We are down to the last episode of Sleepy Hollow Season 2. Promo images for the episode are in the galleries and a couple of clips have been posted on line. TVLine has a clip that takes us to what must be the beginning of the episode, where we find roles reversed from the pilot. A second clip from TV Guide is a little more spoilery, with Abbie trying to convince Ichabod of who she is. Both are exclusive clips and not embeddable here, so click through those links to view.

One thing that can be posted here is a fun sneak peek that includes Tom as well as writer and executive producer Mark Goffman talking about the episode:



"Tempus Fugit" airs on Monday at 9 pm/8c on FOX.



Photo by Brownie Harris/FOX


Sleepy Hollow: Who Can Take Down the Headless Horseman? (Hint: Not Tom)

Which Sleepy Hollow cast members are tough enough to take down the Headless Horseman? Listen to the cast weigh in on just that topic in the video below from TV Guide.



Don't forget to watch the Sleepy Hollow Season Finale on Monday, February 23rd at 9 pm/8c on FOX.


Tom to Appear at Birmingham Comic Con on March 21-22



Birmingham Comic Con has announced that Tom will be appearing at their at their event at The NEC in Birmingham, England on March 21-22! He will be meeting fans, presenting panels and signing autographs, though no schedule has been posted as of yet. Neil Jackson, who played Abraham Von Brunt (aka the Headless Horseman) will also be on hand. Tickets can be purchased through the MCM Comic Con website.


Sleepy Hollow: Tom Talks Season Finale with TVLine

TVLine has posted a bit of a conversation with Tom and what he had to say about Monday's season finale as well as what his head cannon is for fan favorite The Kindred.

The Kindred is still roaming around Sleepy Hollow.
[Laughs] Yeah.

What’s the possibility we’ll see it again?
I have been begging, begging for months to just have a shot — just one thing, apropos of nothing — mirroring the end-of-credits sequence in The Avengers, with The Kindred sitting, having a shawarma, just waiting, a little bit lost, on his own. Perhaps with The Sandman. [Laughs]

And how is that going?
Small steps, Kim. Small steps. This is a long race.

You’ve mentioned that there’s a level of finality in the season finale that you wouldn’t expect from this show. Could the episode serve as a series finale, if that comes to pass?
No. I think it does open the door. It opens a big door for a new team; new relationships within the team are forged in that final episode that open a door to such great opportunities for Season 3. If [a renewal] doesn’t happen, there would be a few questions answered, but there would be questions raised about what would happen now.

That's enough talk about the series finale for now! It is true that we haven't heard from FOX about renewal yet, so if you'd like to show support for the show, there is a petition you can sign asking that Sleepy Hollow be brought back for Season 3. Click here to sign and make sure to share the link with fellow Sleepyheads.


Photo by Brownie Harris/FOX