MCM Comic Con London: Day One Wrap Up


Today was Tom’s inaugural day at MCM Comic Con in London. He was at the signing table, did photo shoots with fans and took part in a Q&A panel. Below you’ll find posts from happy fans who got to meet him, as well as a short clip of the panel. Saturday’s schedule starts early at 10:30 am BST, and includes more fan interaction at the signing table and photo ops, another Q&A, as well as an interview at 1:45 BST on the con floor with @MCMBUZZ, hosted by @tanavip. The event will be live streamed on their You Tube channel.



MCM Comic Con London: Tom Appearing Today and Tomorrow



Tom will be appearing Friday and Saturday at MCM Comic Con London, signing autographs, giving interviews and doing photoshoots with fans. The best way to keep up on all the latest news and photos from the floor of the show is to follow @TomMisonFans on Twitter. Check back here too, of course, for an overview of Tom's appearances from the weekend.


Photo by Scott Carruthers


MCM Comic Con London: Schedule Changes and Additions


With opening day of the show just days away, MCM Comic Con has released the full schedule for this weekend's festivities. There have been a few changes and additions to Tom's schedule. Word is that an e-mail went out yesterday to fans advising that, due to scheduling changes, Tom would be unable to attend on Sunday after all. He still has a panel appearance listed for Sunday but nothing else, so it seems that was probably just left there in error. You can view and download a handy PDF of the schedule and map of the floor from the MCM Comic Con website. Here is Tom's updated schedule for the weekend:


Friday, May 27 1:30-2:15pm BST Autographs
Sleepy Hollow...and Beyond - Q&A with Tom & John Noble
(Platinum Theater)
  3:45pm Photoshoot (with John Noble)
  4:00-4:45pm Autographs
Saturday, May 28 10:30-11:45am Autographs
  12:30pm Feeling Hollow? Q&A with Tom (Bronze Theater)
  1:00-1:45pm Autographs
MYM Buzz Interview with @tanavip (will be livestreamed & posted
to their YouTube channel)
  3:15pm Photoshoot (Area A)
  3:45-5:00pm Autographs



Photo by @MCMBuzz



MCM Comic Con London: Show Guide Posted



MCM Comic Con London is just a little over a week away, and not only is Tom now going to be appearing all three days, but he will be taking part in a Q&A panel each of those days as well. The schedule was released as part of the official MCM Comic Con London Show Guide, which is posted on their website. Especially exciting is that Friday's Q&A will also include John Noble!

Tom's Q&A schedule is as follows:

Friday          3:00 pm          Tom & John          Platinum Room

Saturday      12:30 pm        Tom                      Bronze Room

Sunday        1:00 pm          Tom                      Bronze Room

Of course Tom will also be signing autographs and doing photo ops with fans all weekend. There may also be a one-on-one interview with MyMBuzz, as there was at MCM Comic Con Birmingham, so stay tuned for information on that as we get closer to opening day.