Sleepy Hollow: Season 3 Shooting Continues


Sleepy Hollow continues shooting this week in Atlanta - they are now starting their 6th week, which should put them at about episode 3 or 4. The title for episode 3.04 was recently revealed to be "The Sisters Mills."

We've gotten some really wonderful behind the scenes shots from actors working on the show, like Andy Pessoa above, and from fans catching the crew shooting in and around Atlanta. A set of gorgeous photos of Tom on location can be found here.

In other news, Lance Gross, who will be playing Abbie's boss at her new job with the FBI, and Zach Appelman, who played fan favorite Joe Corbin, son of Sheriff Corbin and former Wendigo, have both been bumped up to series regulars.

Don't forget that Sleepy Hollow moves to Thursdays at 9pm, starting with the Season 3 premiere on October 1st!



Dragon Con 2015: Tom Does Double Duty on Panels



Good news for those of you attending Dragon Con in a few weeks - Tom is on the schedule for 2 panels!

The schedule is considered tentative until it is made official a week or two before the con begins, but right now there is a Q&A session scheduled with just Tom for Saturday, September 5th at 4pm. Then at 1 pm on Sunday, September 6th, there will be a Sleepy Hollow panel with Tom, John Noble and monster maker Corey Castellano. Corey will even have his own panel - The Monsters of Sleepy Hollow - on Friday at 2:30pm. Locations are all TBD at this point.

If you are attending, make sure to download the Dragon Con app, which will be updated soon with all the scheduling information.

Many thanks to @nfinitegladness for all the intel!


Photo by @TasTyke


Nikki Reed on Working With Tom


Now that Nikki Reed has walked in Betsy Ross' shoes for a few weeks, with shooting on Sleepy Hollow Season 3 underway, she tells Access Hollywood and ET Canada what it has been like working with Tom.



Clearly it has been total drudgery and quite an ordeal. In another interview at the same event, she continues in the same vein with ET Canada:

I think Betsy and Ichabod they might have something...who knows? Tom? Yeah, Tom is phenomenal. He's, I was saying earlier, and I mean I can say it repeatedly. He is one of my favorite actors I've ever worked with. There is nothing that you want more as an actor than showing up to work and knowing that the person you are working with is as excited about the material as you are, and as enthusiastic and, you know, wanting to flush out the characters and the dynamics and talk about things until you're blue in the face. And he is, I mean he is all of those things. He loves that. He loves what he does and that's the greatest thing about working with Tom.

You can check out the first images of Nikki as Betsy Ross in all her finery on


Sleepy Hollow: Bones Crossover Details Released



FOX presented to the Television Critics Association at their summer press tour and filled in some details about the previously announced Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover. It will be a special 2 hour Halloween event that airs on October 29th. The fun will start at 8pm, when Bones' Brennan and Booth will encounter Ichabod and Abbie, and they'll realize they are all trying to track down the same evidence. Of course they join forces to solve the mystery. Following that on Sleepy Hollow, Team Witness will need some help from modern science and will turn to Brennan and Booth to unlock 18th century secrets using 21st century science.

Showrunners from both shows are excited about the prospects:

Clifton Campbell (Sleepy Hollow): When the idea came about to create this crossover event for fans, our writers’ room was immediately energized. The creative freedom to merge these two worlds which, at face value, seem so different;  but at their core have such striking similarities – mystery, intrigue and methodical deduction, wrapped up in such strong character partnerships – was a challenge that we all welcomed, and we believe that fans of both series will be very satisfied by the result. It was a terrific collaborative experience across the board and we are eager to see the fan reaction to Ichabod and Abbie working alongside Brennan and Booth.

Michael Peterson (Bones): The Bones-Sleepy Hollow crossover is like a great episode of The X-Files, where the Bones hour is the Scully, logic-based perspective and the Sleepy Hollow hour is more Fox Mulder-esque. Put them together, and it’s going to be a great two-hour event that fans of both programs are going to love.