Sleepy Hollow: Preview Monday's Episode "Kali Yuga" (Including a Karaoke Clip!)


Monday's episode of Sleepy Hollow brings us a real treat -- Ichabod singing karaoke. But what would the man-out-of-time sing? We don't yet know what he sings for his duet with Abbie (check the galleries for the promo photos), but for his solo Ichabod chose a sea shanty - about a young sailor dying of syphilis. Of course he did.

The Living Unknown Soldier

What's even better is that Tom actually chose that song himself, after talking it over extensively with the episode's writer, Heather Regnier. Having worked on an adaptation of Moby Dick back home with theater company Simple 8 a couple of years ago (with whom he also collaborated on Les Enfants du Paradis and The Living Unknown Soldier, pictured left), Tom apparently had a few sea shanties at the ready from which to choose. Of course he did.

Luckily, we don't have to wait until Monday to see it, as TVLine has posted a clip -- click through here to enjoy Ichabod's karaoke stylings.
FOX has also posted several other clips from the episode, which looks particularly creepy. That is really saying a lot for Sleepy Hollow, considering the creepy bar tends to be set very high. See Ichabod come to Abbie's rescue below, then click through here to see additional clips.


One does have to wonder at what point they will realize that guns don't work against these demons. I'm thinking they need to re-think their arsenal.

Make sure to watch Sleepy Hollow on Monday at 9/8c!


Sleepy Hollow image by Brownie Harris/FOX
The Living Unknown Soldier image via Simple 8 Theatre Company

Sleepy Hollow: Trading Cards Will Be Released in February


Sleepy Hollow Trading Cards will finally be released on February 4th, according to Cryptozoic Entertainment's website. The cards, based on Season 1 of the show, will include cards for characters, wardrobe, monsters and behind-the-scenes. There will also be a set of autograph cards for some of the characters, Tom being the only one from the main cast to be included (see above). They should be available online from a variety of sites.

Thanks to Beth in the Sleepy Hollow Fan Site Facebook group for the intel!

Sleepy Hollow: "Pittura Infamante"

In the all-new Sleepy Hollow episode on Monday, we'll get some more fun 'twistory' - this time with Abigail Adams, played by Michelle Trachtenberg. FOX has posted several clips from the show, including the one embedded below showing Ichabod taking exception to a dress code:



Also, TV Guide shared another of its behind-the-scenes videos, this one dealing with Hawley and what the cast thinks of his romantic pursuits:



"Pittura Infamante" airs on Monday, January 19th at 9/8c on FOX. Plus, don't forget that if you live in the NYC area, we are having a Sleepyhead Group Viewing that night -- details are available here. I hope you can join us!


People's Choice: Tom on Ichabbie Shippers

People's Choice has posted yet another clip from an interview they did with Tom and John back in October. In it, Tom discusses the avid Ichabbie shippers and how he and Nicole can only take their enthusiasm as a compliment: